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Jerry Barte: Drums


Jerry learned his trade in the jazz caves of gay Paris, and has drummed in too many bands to mention since he started aged 16. But he took to the stage even earlier, playing accordian since he was 8... tres chic, mais non?


After 10 years 'off duty' Jerry backed his pal Dave Finnegan (Commitments) at Sterling University, before 2000 shades 'n trilby Blues Brothers fans ... it was all it took to get him back in the seat, and now he plays over 70 gigs a year.


Drumming icons a-plenty: The groove-masters Bernard Purdie (check young Jerry, awestruck with Bernard in the pic), Tony Williams and Jack de Johnette. Big band-ers Buddy Rich, Louie Belson, Joe Morello, Gene Krupa, Baby Dodds, Papa Joe Jones. Modern greats from Art Blakey (who he met several times in the states) to Jabo Starks, and Bernie Dressel.


It was his time spent in the small clubs of Chicago, New Orleans (see pic), Memphis and New York that cemented Jerry's love for Blues and Jazz, and kicked off his career on the Essex scene, playing Soul, R&B, Blues, Rock 'n Roll and Rockabilly. He's recorded on 9 cd's with various artists, backed touring blues artists and played every festival in Europe...


If his drumming makes you dance, Jerry is happy ...


If he's in the groove with musicians who get on, and love their music, like Jump 66 do, he's even happier.