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Rhythm & Blues!  

Soul & Ska!  

Jump & Swing!

Stomping, storming BLUES PARTY


The 'JUMPSTEADY' sound of...




'Stomping Jump Blues'

Jump 66's Demo CD, recorded 2012 at Embassy Studios, and engineered by Big Boy Bloater. Featuring Terry Black on guest saxophone. Call, or e-mail for a copy.

'Sydenham Blues Club'

Recorded live at one of London's cosiest and friendliest Blues Clubs, January 2013. One microphone, no editing, no mixing ... this is what you get.


Jump 66's music is a fiery blend of R&B rooted in the electric blues, jazz and juke-joint music from 40s, 50s and 60s USA. Infectious, irresistable, and fun, call  it Jump, West Coast or Chicago; Rhythm & Blues, or just Rock & Roll...

Walk In Blues Seth 4 Band Ealing 6 Band George 1 Band Ealing 2 New-Promo-Pic-b-2014 At The Party Feed That Baby I Can Tell Love In Vain Walk Right In Who Told You Do Me No Favours (Live) Honest I Do (Live) I Can Tell (Live) I'm Ready (Live) Jumping From 6 to 6 (Live) Lonesome (Live) Read About My Baby (Live) Shake Your Boogie (Live) She Belongs To Me (Live) She's Dangerous (Live) You Hurt Me (Live)