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Paul King

Double Bass / Bass Guitar


Paul has been slapping the upright bass since the 1980s. His first record was by Bill Haley & the Comets - and inspired by Marshal Lytle's iconic slap-bass style he started his musical career as a quiff-headed rockabilly with 'Smalltown Bigshots' and 'Running Wild'. 


But Blues music has never been far from his heart, and despite dabbling with electronic, ambient and even drum n' bass, he's returned to the roots music and thumping bass that he's always loved. Before joining Jump 66, Paul made an impression on the Jump-Jive circuit with the much-missed 'Big Al & the Fireflys'.


Paul's playing is inspired by those Chicago greats Willie Dixon and Ernest Crawford of course, but perhaps even more so by those 80's slappers Mark Carew, Steve Whitehouse and Sam Sardi, and by the power-house rhythm and stomp of modern bluesmen like Bill Stuve, Kedar Roy, Willie Brinlee ... and most of all Larry Taylor.


In search of that authentic, retro acoustic thump, Paul plays vintage US plywood basses - a '38 Kay M-2, a '37 King Mortone (both models played by Willie Dixon) as well as a blonde, Czech-built '70s Boosey & Hawkes. 


He uses an Underwood pick-up (one element only), a combination of plain gut strings with French, hand-made, nylon-wound 'Cordes Lambert', Line6 wireless units, a Fishman Platinum-Pro pre-amp, and MarkBass amps.  


He recently broke a lifetime promise and picked up a bass guitar, and can now be seen occasionally playing a  shiny Kay 162 Vintage Reissue, with great big fat James Jamerson Labella flatwound strings.


June 2013:


Paul with 'Wacko' Wade and Steve 'West' Weston,

backing the legendary New Orleans Bluesman

Little Freddie King for three consecutive nights

at 'Ain't Nothin But ... the Blues'

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