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Rhod Davies: Guitar


Rhod's musical roots go back to the late 1970's, where the lad from Llanelli, Wales cut his teeth in legendary local rock band 'Pandemonium'. 


Over 30 years later and his musical CV reads like a catalogue of musical styles: 'Laughing Gravy', 'Love Junkies', 'Blue Whales' and 'SoHo Groove Authority' have all been blessed with his precision 6-string skills.


He's a technical player, but also one with soul. Soaked in the blues, but also in reggae and roots music, his playing can veer from deeply  emotional B.B.King lead breaks, to the rocksteady electric rhythms of Junior Watson and Hollywood Fats.


His greatest heroes are Jamaican guitarists Lynn Tait, Donald Kinsey and Mikey Chung - he's been nicking their licks for years, but when he fessed up to Mikey Chung in Kingston recently Mikey just said "I wouldn't worry - I nicked them myself in the first place!"


Always on the search for that authentic vintage electric sound, Rhod plays a line-up of cool guitars: a hollowbody Epiphone Emperor Regent, Eastwood H44, his trusty old Gibson SG, and an Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop, although his current choice is a rare early '70s Soviet Polish Defil archtop


He uses a Fender Silverface Vibrolux Reverb (modded by Brinsley Schwarz), and for smaller gigs a duo of punchy 15W amps: Vox Pathfinder and SJB Ant


He uses Nocturne effects pedals.


He hopes it isn't too obvious from his stage image that he hates shaving, ironing, and stringing guitars,